The way we work

We believe that communication with parents is a fundamental part of nursery life. When your child attends our nurseries you will receive a daily verbal and written report on the day’s activities and your child’s general wellbeing. Each of our children are also given their own private online journal which our team update regularly with images and details of things they have enjoyed. These galleries are entirely private,

but offer the opportunity for parents and nursery carers to update each other on the child’s development, and our parents love receiving the photographs of their children playing and learning. We also publish seasonal newsletters and hold biannual parent/staff meetings. Our aim is to work in partnership with parents and children.

We offer four specifically tailored levels of care
Pre-schoolers 3 to 5 years Our qualified pre-school staff follow the 3-5 curriculum, working towards Curriculum for Excellence. We operate a key-worker system, which involves staff in monitoring and evaluating children’s progress on a daily basis. The key-worker system starts in the baby room and is continued until the children leave for school, when their personal learning profile is sent to the school they will attend. Parents are actively encouraged to participate in all aspects of the nursery. We are in partnership with Edinburgh City Council, which enables us to qualify for funding.